Turning a Challenging Backyard into a Beautiful Oasis with Excavation and Grading

Our team was approached by a client who wanted to build a detached garage and pool area in their backyard. However, the large section of land needed extensive excavation and grading to create a level space for the project.

Project Background

The project involved moving about 2000 yards of fill from the backyard to the front yard to level the area and create a more usable lawn area. In addition, we had to haul off 6,000 yards of fill and rock to a neighbor's yard. The challenge was to move such a large amount of material while maintaining precision in grading the yard.


To overcome this challenge, we used our large excavator and bulldozer equipped with 3D GPS technology. This allowed us to dig, hammer, excavate, and move the dirt and ledge exactly to the right grade, eliminating wasted time and cost to the customer. We also installed a 6” perforated pipe underdrain with stone and rip-rap swales to control any water coming into the backyard. Finally, we spread new loam and hydroseeded the area to prepare for seeding.


Our expertise in excavation and grading allowed us to complete the project on time and within budget. The backyard was leveled and prepared for future construction, while the front yard was transformed into a usable lawn area with a new driveway turnaround. The underdrain and rip-rap swales we installed ensured that water would not be a problem for the client.


This project demonstrated our team’s expertise in excavation and grading, allowing us to successfully meet our client’s needs. Our attention to detail and use of advanced technology ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget.

If you're looking to create your own backyard oasis, contact us to learn more about our excavation and grading services. We'd love to help make your vision a reality.

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