From Ponding Water to Safe Driveway: Eliminating Safety Hazards with a Concrete Drywell

A homeowner had a significant drainage issue with ponding water near their garage doors. In the winter, this would freeze over, posing a significant safety hazard. To solve the problem, we decided to install a concrete drywell to allow the water to drain back into the sandy soil.


Our team sawcut and removed a section of asphalt and excavated the area to install a 500-gallon concrete drywell. We lined the hole with a highly permeable fabric to keep the native dirt out of the stone, and then placed the drywell in the hole and backfilled it with clean 3/4" stone. We also installed a drainage grate and backfilled and compacted with gravel before re-paving around the drain.


Our expertise in concrete installation and excavation allowed us to successfully install the drywell and ensure proper drainage. We took the necessary precautions to ensure the longevity of the installation, including lining the hole with permeable fabric and using clean stone for backfill.


The concrete drywell successfully solved the drainage problem, allowing water to drain back into the soil and eliminating any ponding water near the garage doors. The new drainage grate and re-paved area also added to the aesthetic appeal of the property.


This project was a success due to our team’s expertise in resolving drainage issues. By installing a concrete drywell and taking the necessary precautions, we were able to solve the homeowner’s drainage issue while ensuring the longevity of the installation.

If you have a drainage problem on your property, contact us to learn more about our concrete installation and excavation services.

From swamp to paradise!

Tom, Pat and the New Era team turned a disastrous backyard that was more swamp than yard into a paradise! We now have a unique and aesthetically pleasing yard that we love - it's even better than we'd hoped. Our house is in a new development that was not graded even close to how it should have been and we had so much standing water that our yard was not usable. Not to mention it was unsafe to walk across because you'd sink up to your knees and it smelled due to the standing water.

Another well-known landscaper also came in before NEE to try to solve the problem and they didn't fix it either. We met with Tom, who had a friendly, easy-going manner and talked about all sorts of options. He spent a lot of time with us, had great ideas that we hadn't thought of and most importantly balanced this with our budget.

There were some shifts in scheduling, but Tom was great about communicating with us and sticking to his commitments. Pat did the majority of the work in the yard, and he was amazing! He even worked with a bunch of other contractors and kept giving us great ideas to make the yard even better - it was like he was planning this for himself and he wanted it to be awesome. You knew Pat took pride in his work, as did Tom.

Tom was great to deal with if we had questions about the bill - didn't get defensive or any nonsense that we've unfortunately seen too often before. Super reasonable guys that did an amazing job. Can't say enough about how pleased we are, or how strongly we recommend this team. It is money VERY well spent!
- Karen and Brett Collinsworth

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