The initial project undertaken by New Era Excavation was highly challenging, but the outcome was nothing short of phenomenal.

-Ackerman, President of Architectural Builders of Hampstead Inc.

Project Background

New Era Excavation was contracted by Architectural Builders of Hampstead Inc. to handle the excavation and site preparation for a luxury waterfront home addition in Seabrook, NH. The project involved several challenging tasks, including site demolition, removal and replacement of unsuitable materials, foundation excavation and backfill, drainage, water and sewer hookups, underground electrical trenching, and preparation for concrete paver surfaces. The site posed unique environmental constraints with a very tight workspace, unforeseen underground obstructions, and the added challenge of winter weather conditions. Despite these difficulties, New Era Excavation was determined to deliver a successful and impressive result.


New Era Excavation’s experienced team rose to the occasion, bringing their skills, specialized equipment, and knowledge to the table. They meticulously planned the project, taking into account the small workspace and environmental restrictions to minimize disruptions to the surrounding area. The excavation process required careful coordination with the builder and other trades, ensuring a smooth workflow throughout the different phases of the project.

The team encountered unforeseen underground obstructions, which required adaptability and quick problem-solving skills. New Era Excavation’s expertise in handling such challenges allowed them to overcome these obstacles efficiently, preventing any significant delays to the project timeline. The team’s dedication was evident as they continued to work during the challenging winter weather conditions, maintaining their commitment to delivering high-quality results.


New Era Excavation’s expertise and determination were instrumental in the successful execution of the luxury waterfront home addition project in Seabrook, NH. Their ability to navigate challenging site conditions, overcome unforeseen obstacles, and maintain a high level of professionalism garnered praise from the client and solidified their position as a trusted partner in the construction industry. With this project, New Era Excavation demonstrated their commitment to excellence and their capability to deliver outstanding results for their clients.
Simon Ackerman, President of Architectural Builders of Hampstead Inc., praised New Era Excavation's exceptional performance on the project.
With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Ackerman expressed his confidence in New Era Excavation's capabilities, citing their state-of-the-art equipment, skilled team, and extensive experience as the reasons behind their successful collaboration.

The initial project undertaken by New Era Excavation for Architectural Builders of Hampstead Inc. was highly challenging, but the outcome was nothing short of phenomenal. Impressed by their dedication and reliability, Ackerman now considers New Era Excavation his first choice for all their construction projects. The unwavering commitment to keeping their promises and delivering quality work made New Era Excavation an integral part of the long journey to project completion.

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